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Seven things to consider before choosing the hospital abroad for Medical Treatment

The high cost of treatments in the developed countries gave rise to the Medical tourism industry and in not much time, medical tourism has gained lot of importance and recognition in the market. The ease and affordability of treatments, as promised by Medical Tourism, made it a huge success amongst the patients. Apart from that, the idea of travel after the treatments appealed to everyone.
But when a patient decides to opt for medical tourism, he has a lot of doubts in his mind, he is scared about going to a different country for getting the treatment, he doesn’t know about the hospitals of the country or how to analyze the cost of the treatment abroad. Listed below are the seven steps you should consider before finalizing your decision of medical tourism


The best way to assure yourself about the place that you are going to get the treatment at is to check the accreditation of the hospital. The accreditation bodies evaluate the hospitals and provide the accreditation only if the hospital meets the specified healthcare standards. The reputed hospital accreditation bodies include Joint Commission International (JCI), Accreditation Canada International (ACL), Australian Council for Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI), Quality council of India (QCI), National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH), etc.


The main idea behind medical tourism was to help the patients avail good quality healthcare at comparatively low cost and that in fact is the first thing that you should analyze before deciding the country that you are willing to travel for your treatments. Make detailed comparisons about the costs of the different hospitals within your country, then compare the cost of the treatments, including the travel expenses and stay in another country. But while making the comparison be sure that you do not compromise on the quality.

Doctors and the staff

Once you have decided your country, you sure will analyze the different hospitals in that country. The right way of doing the same is to communicate directly with the hospital. Direct communication helps you understand the profile of the hospital and also the kind of environment you will be dealing with during the process of your treatment. 


There are many hospitals that are running without any accreditation and these are the hospitals that just want to fool the patients and earn their money. One way to be safe of such frauds is to check the accreditation. Another way to do so is to check the complaints, reviews and accidents, if any on the part of the hospitals. Reviews help you get a clearer picture about the hospital.


When you are travelling abroad for the treatment, the cost and the quality of the treatment are your main concerns but that does not mean that you ignore the other important aspects. Try to find out about the extra facilities that the hospital would be offering you, like the pick-up services, visa clearance, your stay there and also the vacation scheme after the treatment. 

Technology used by the hospital

When you are travelling so far to get your treatment done, you sure want it to be excellent and of the highest ratings. If the hospitals are still not using advanced technology or proper medical equipments, then there is no point in travelling to another country, no matter what the cost is. 


So you have decided that you would be travelling to another country for the treatment. You have analyzed the cost, but this cost majorly depends on the distance that you would be travelling to get that treatment. It is usually suggested that you opt for a place nearby, but if you are convinced that travelling far is not a concern for you, then you can erase the point from the list.

These are some points that you should keep in mind before choosing your hospital abroad. They will help you get a clearer picture about the treatment and save you from any kind of frauds in another country.

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Urology treatment India | Best urology hospital in India - Medimantra

Medi Mantra provides latest technology and gives output as best healthcare solution of ‎international standards. Being analyzed with ‎Urology is one of the worst things you can find out. It is becoming improbably more familiar today with people affected with all types of Surgery. is the one of leading medical tourism company in the field of urology. the all treatments related to urology will be under taken by best urology doctors at best hospitals in India. The main types of treatments which are provided are Female Urinary Incontinence, Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty, Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy, Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy, Laser Lithotripsy, Male Hypospadias, Male Urinary incontinence, Orchidopexy, Prostate Laser Surgery Urethral Stricture. For more visit

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Cardiac Treatment in India - Medimantra

Cardiac Treatment in India

Heart is the main part of a human body and any disfunction or problem happening in Heart will be leading to severe condition. The problems dealing with heart is known ae Cardiac problems. The main problems causing cardiac disese are congential heart disease, due to aging, changes in lifestyles.

The main types of Cardiac treatments are,
·     Coronary Angiography.
·     Coronary Angioplasty.
·     Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.
·     Implantation of Pacemaker.
·     Mitral Valve Surgery.
·     Paediatric Cardiac Surgery.
·     Radio Frequency Ablation.
·     Robotic Cardiac Surgery.
·     Valve Replacement Cardiac Surgery.

Heart Hospital India will be providing the best tratment for the cardiac problems at affordable prices with high class faclity under the supervision of best cardilogy doctors in India. For further enquiry visit our website

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Bone Marrow Transplants Specialist India - Medi-Mantra Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Medimantra Provide Services like Bone Marroe  Transplant in the best hospital in India Bone Marrow Transplantation is a form of intensive treatment used to treat certain cancers like leukemia, lymphomas and some non-cancerous diseases like thalassemia.

Bone marrow is found inside our bones, and is the 'factory' that makes blood. It is responsible for producing white blood cells (to protect against infection), red blood cells (to carry oxygen around the body) and platelets (to prevent bleeding). Stem cells are blood cells at their earliest stage of development in the bone marrow, before they have become committed to developing into white cells, red cells or platelets. It is these 'mother' cells, which are the key factors in transplantation.

There are two main types of transplants – Autologous and Allogeneic. 

• Autologous Transplants: This means that the bone marrow or stem cells used for the transplant are one's own. A little bit of the patient's bone marrow or stem cells is taken and stored before high dose treatment. When the treatment is over, the bone marrow or stem cells are given back through a vein.

• Allogeneic Transplants: In this type of transplant, bone marrow donated by someone else is used. It is essential that the donor's tissue match. The most suitable donor is usually a close relative, most commonly a brother or sister. It is possible to get a good match from an unrelated donor, but this facility does not exist in India.

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Kidney Transplant Specialist India

Kidney Transplant Specialist India – Medi-Mantra Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd,
Medimantra Provide Services like Kidney Transplant in India, A Kidney Transplant is required by a patient who is suffering from End Stage Renal Disease. End-stage renal disease is the name for kidney failure so advanced that it cannot be reversed. The kidneys in irreversible renal failure function so poorly that they can no longer perform their function and keep the patient alive. we are here for you always ,- Medimantra Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Medi Mantra Provide Services End-stage renal disease cannot be treated with conventional medical treatments such as drugs. There are only two kinds of treatments possible, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant.

1.  Dialysis is the method of artificially filtering the blood. People who require dialysis are required to take it periodically and regularly and are generally confined to the home because of their dialysis schedule, fragile health, or both.

 Kidney transplantation means replacement of at least one of the the failed kidneys with a working kidney from another person, called a donor. Many people who receive a kidney transplant are able to live a similar quality of life as they did before they reached end stage renal disease.

A donor is carefully chosen by the surgeons by matching Tissue and Blood so that the chances of acceptance are higher and the risk to the donor's life is minimal.

Various hospitals now do Kidney Transplants. Removal of the donor’s kidney is also now done with Robotic Arm in the few hospitals that have this facility.

Medimantra Healthcare Solutions provides the Best and world class Medical Healthcare Services for Kidney Transplant surgeries. With a line-up of its affiliated and trusted transplant specialized Surgeons and Hospitals in metro cities all over India at the most affordable and Pre-Negotiated prices Medimantra Healthcare Solutions is standards in the field of Medical Tourism. Technology, highly experienced and competent team of doctors and nurse at the most reputed hospitals of above all the care for our patient. Fun matched standards at Medimantra Healthcare Solutions.

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