Thursday, 29 December 2016

Heart Transplant Specialist India

Heart Transplant Specialist India - Medi-Mantra Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd,
 Medimantra Provide Services like HeartTransplant in India, with the help of best surgeon  A Heart Transplant is done a patient with end stage heart failure or very severe Coronary Artery Disease. A brain dead donor or recently deceased person's heart is removed and implanted in to the patient after doing several blood and tissue matching to ensure least rejections.

There is a large waiting period for the Heart Transplants and the donors are very few. The concept of organ donation after death (cadaver donor) is picking up in India and will still take some more years that the relatives of the deceased would voluntarily come forward for donation to save many live.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Cornea Transplant Specialist India

 Medimantra Provide Services like CorneaTransplant in India by the help of Best Surgeon The cornea is the clear layer on the front of the eye. A corneal transplant is surgery to replace the cornea with tissue from a donor. It is one of the most common transplants done.

Medimantra Healthcare Solutions Injury, infection, genetic diseases and malnutrition can affect the functioning of the cornea. The cornea becomes cloudy or warped due to disease, injury or infection. A damaged cornea distorts light as it enters the eye causing decreased vision. This kind of visual impairment is called corneal blindness. This is the only type of visual impairment that can be treated by corneal transplantation in the best hospitalin India.

Medimantra Healthcare Solutions provides the Best and world class Medical Healthcare Services for Cornea Transplant surgeries. With a line-up of its affiliated and trusted transplant specialized Surgeons and Hospitals in metro cities all over India at the most affordable and Pre-Negotiated prices Medimantra Healthcare Solutions is standards in the field of Medical Tourism. Technology, highly experienced and competent team of doctors and nurse at the most reputed hospitals of above all the care for our patient. Fun matched standards at Medimantra Healthcare Solutions.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Best IVF Treatment in India | International Patients Sevices in India

Medimantra Healthcare Solutions extensive understanding and appreciation of the diverse needs of international patients enables us to offer them a wide range of infertility treatments. As a result, Medimantra Healthcare Solutions has garnered enormous trust within the internationalpatient community for quality and convenient healthcare services that we provide our patients.

The patient sends Medimantra Healthcare Solutions a duly filled enquiry form with basic problems and medical reports (recent photographs, X-rays, ultrasound scans, pathological reports or a summary of observations on them, as per the treatment/procedure requirements) as an attachment with the enquiry form.

Medimantra Healthcare Solutions
  • Answers to all their initial queries
  • Cost estimate of the inclusive costs of the treatment
  • A basic outline of the recuperation period for the selected treatment/procedure

We urge the patient to clarify their doubts about the treatment at this stage. Question can be directed to us via email or telephone. Video conference can also be arranged, if required.
  • The patient confirms the travel schedule to us and we send the visa invites for the patient and any other attendants accompanying the patient to the Indian embassy (from where patient shall be applying for a visa)
  • The patient forwards the detailed flight information to the Medimantra Healthcare Solutions.
  • They communicate back the pre- and post-procedure instructions for the patient's selected procedure and a detailed itinerary for suggested appointments
All foreigners (i.e. patients holding non-Indian passports) seeking treatment at Medimantra Healthcare Solutions are advised to have a valid medical visa and other relevant documents, if any, specific to their country. Maldivian nationals are permitted to undergo treatment during their visa free entry stay of 90 days. 

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